Essentials Week 1

Our first week went beautifully!  I was thoroughly impressed with the participation level of all the students.  Tieg even came up with some answers already this morning, my little focus-challenged child.
I won’t be writing an email after every week, but since we are just getting started, I thought it would be a good idea to recap and give suggestions – and cover anything I forgot yesterday!
EEL (Essentials of the English Language)
We covered Chart A (the map).  Students should work to have this chart memorized by copying the chart 1x a day.  Let them look at the “answers” as much as they want.  Soon they will not look because it is faster to not look!
I did not go over the parts of a sentence (bottom of chart A)  Depending on the level of the student, review/teach these parts.  They are learning parts of speech for foundations this week so BONUS!
Students can copy the other extra charts also, like Sentence Components and Structures, Sentence Patterns, and Sentence Classifications.
We also briefly discussed subject/predicate with chart B.  Students can copy chart B (don’t overload) or do it orally.  The goal is to become familiar with the sentences and seeing how sentences change when the pattern or purpose changes.
Math:  That was fun!  We will do addition flashcards again next week and then week 3 start with multiplication 3s and 4s.
IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing)
Students should cut out, color, and memorize vocab for lesson 1 and use at least 1 of the words in their paragraph(s).
We did a KWO (key word outline) for the paragraph on p. 6.  From this, the students will rewrite the paragraph in their own words.  Page 7 can also be assigned.
We talked about banned words and quality adjectives.  Use the brainstorming on page 9 to help with ideas to add quality adjectives to their paragraphs.
Use the checklist on p. 10 to “grade” the paper when finished.  Bring everything to class.
Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions!

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