Week 6

New stuff:
I introduced conjunctions.
Coordinating Conjunctions – FANBOYS – connect grammatically equal words, phrases, or clauses.  ex. 2 subjects or 2 verbs or 2 direct objects or 2 clauses.
Subordinating Con. – http://www.asia.wub are the most common.  They begin dependent (subordinate) clauses.  We will see these when we do complex sentences.
Students should memorize the def. of a conjunction, the FANBOYS, and http://www.asia.wub words.  They should become familiar with relative PNs and the other words on the chart H.
We had a new sentence structure – compound!  (2 simple sentences joined by a fanboys)  We had a new sentence patter – s-vt-do.  The DO receives the action of the verb.
This week, read the lesson in the guide.  Hopefully everyone is doing this – teachers, not students.  It has a lot of information.  Work through this week’s sentences – although only #1 and #2 are basic.  Get familiar with the new question in the question confirmation.  NOTE:  In the question confirmation, there is an extra question at the end.  (“Can ______ replace or describe ______?”)  don’t worry about this question.  I will talk about that question week 9.
Copy and recopy the conjunction chart.  Read through chart G several times to get familiar with compound sentences.  If you want, just focus on the first block – declarative.  Practice other charts that need practice.
If you want more info – Our Mother Tongue is an excellent resource.  Page 60 talks about conjunctive adverbs.
Sentence Openers!  #3 is to begin a sentence with an -LY word, and #6 is a very short sentence.  Varying the way our sentences begin keeps our reading from becoming monotonous.
Read the source on p. 56 and do a KWO for the topic of Vikings – Warriors.  Try to have this first paragraph on warriors finished by week 7.  We will be doing the KWO for topic B: Explorers week 7 together in class.  If your student would like to do a 3rd paragraph, work on that during the break.  Checklists are p. 61/62.
phew!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great 2 weeks!

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