Week 8

Lots of review in EEL today.  We reviewed the 3 ways to make an interrogative sentence, transitive vs intransitive verbs, adverbs and adverb questions, and the compound structure. 
New in EEL were prepositions and how to diagram prepositional phrases.  We also briefly talked about article adjectives (a, an, the).
This week, work on memorizing the prepositions with the song from cycle 1.   Continue working with the sentences for this week.  Continue copying copying copying charts for mastery.  Try taking sentences like “Tom threw the ball” and adding some adverbs to answer the adverb questions.  Try adding adverbial prepositional phrases.  Change the sentence to interrogative – analyze and diagram.  Write a prepositional phrase for every preposition – identify the OP.  These are just some ideas to work with this week.
Next week we will leave transitive and intransitive verbs and go on to linking verbs.  🙂
In Writing…(here you go Mel) 🙂 
We learned a new dress-up:  the who/which clause – check out p. 66 in the writing book.
We looked at the “5 senses and emotion” words in the SRN (p. 36-40) and we will be adding some of these to our writing this week.
This next assignment is a 2-week 3-paragraph paper.  Instead of a report which is non-fiction, we will be using our creativity to write fiction now, based on pictures.
See p. 99 or p. 104 (pick 1 of these pages to do).  Instead of a topic sentence and a clincher, the first and the last sentences will describe the central fact of the picture and will use past tense.  (Example from p. 99…Billy ran as fast as he possibly could from the arrow shooting aliens.)  The sentences in between will be the story behind the picture…like an event description…and will use past perfect tense.  (Ex.  Billy had seen the spaceship land in the field and had gone over to check it out.  The aliens had been friendly at first…)  See p. 98 for ideas for the details.
Maybe a goal for this first week is to get the KWOs done for the 3 pictures and the first paragraph written.  We made some adjustments to the checklist for this assignment – we can make sure everyone is on the same page for that next week.

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