Week 9

In week 9 we examined linking verbs, the last of the 4 verb types.  We talked about the difference between a s-vt-do sentence and a s-vl-pn sentence.  A transitive verb transfers action onto the direct object, but a linking verb is like an = linking the subject and the predicate nominative.  

God gives us linking verbs in the Bible to “rename” himself.  “I am the true vine and my father is the gardener.”  “I am the God of Abraham.”  “I am Jehovah” “I am the light of the world”  (These are in your guidebook on p. 152.)
The charts that might be good to study and copy and work towards memorizing are C, D, E, and the new one K.  Try out the sentences from the lesson.  Memorize the linking verbs (jingle bells).

We talked about the very very common misuse of pronouns as a predicate nominative.  Practice answering questions with nominative pronouns as predicate nominatives…”Is the captain John?  Yes, the captain is he.”  This is not as crucial when we speak, but learning the correct form and using it in our writing is important and shows mastery of the English language!
Practice the 15s for next week!  They are really doing a great job!  I wouldn’t want to go up against them!
The kids will be finishing their “stories” this week.  Adjust the number of paragraphs as needed.  It is better to do 1 quality paragraph than to do 3 so-so paragraphs.  

We introduced alliteration – that was fun!  See if they can add alliteration to their writing.  We also introduced #2 opener (prepositional phrase).  Some students are still working on recognizing a prep. phrase.  Give them all the help they need.  We will continue to work with these the rest of the year.  

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