Week 10

Yesterday we studied our last part of speech – adjectives.  We learned a hand motion that helps us to remember the definition and the questions for adjectives.  We went over the adjective chart.  We studied a new sentence pattern:  s-vl-pa.
As always, copy and memorize the charts and some or all of the sentences in the back.  If you want more, go through the adjective chart and have your student write a sentence for each kind of adjective.  Students can also make up sentences, either s-vl-pn or s-vl-pa for each and every linking verb.  How about a compound subject?  How about a compound predicate adjective?
In writing, we talked about the 3 parts of a story – relating to the 3 paragraphs.  I decided to give them the KWO, so that they could focus on the writing and adding lots of wonderful detail and description and conversation.  Take some time to do the brainstorming page 110.  If you get the 1st paragraph done, go ahead and give them the 2nd KWO and start on that (of course, after you read the source on p. 112).
Next week we will focus on paragraphs 2 and 3.  I want to collect these papers on week 12.
Also on week 12 we will have our auction.  Clean out the bottom of the bins!  The more items we get, the more we can auction.  

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