Week 11

Yesterday we had a good day of review!  We looked at lots of linking verbs and practiced distinguishing the predicate nominatives from the predicate adjectives.  We also studied the difference between a transitive verb and a linking verb.  
A transitive verb is action and it transfers the action onto an object – the direct object.  A linking verb is like an equals sign, linking the subject to either a noun/pronoun or an adjective.
We worked with prepositional phrases and deciding whether they were adjectival phrases or adverbial phrases.  The questions for adjectives and adverbs really help with this.  
We also saw some compound subjects and compound OP’s.  
After doing the charts for this week and the sentences, maybe you can try to take a simple sentence and add a prepositional phrase to answer some of the adj or adv questions.  You can also try creating sentences with compound subjects, verbs, DO’s, PN’s, PA’s or even a compound prepositional phrase!  
Math time next week will be 11’s – 15’s.  I love their competitiveness!
In writing, we reviewed the parts of a good story.  We talked about similes and the kids are encouraged to add 1 to their writing.  We read part II and III of the source text and discussed the brainstorming pages.  
I like to use my kids’ rough drafts as teachable moments in spelling and punctuation.  I have added the misspelled words to their spelling lists.  We talk about how to punctuate conversation and capitalization rules.  There is a great list of comma rules in the SRN as well as other punctuation and grammar rules.
I look forward to reading their hard work and creative stories.  
Have a fantastic week!

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